Grill Cleaner Gel – GRILL Baster

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Cleaner gel for baking industries, hot-air steamers, ovens and barbecue grills

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Grill Cleaner Gel – GRILL-BASTER is the effective power gel for cleaning ovens, baking sheets, grills, grill grates, convection steamers, deep fryers, ceramic hobs, pots, pans, cooking plates, oven windows, and much more.

Areas of Application and Recommended Application Concentration:


The areas of application include ovens, baking sheets, grills, grill grates, convection steamers, deep fryers, pots, pans, cooking plates, oven windows, and much more.

Apply GRILL BASTER, depending on the level of dirt, and let it work for a few minutes up to 3 hours (if necessary, overnight) before thoroughly rinsing with plenty of clear water.

Not suitable for aluminum, non-ferrous metals, or painted surfaces!

Detailed Description:

Grill Cleaner Gel for Commercial Use – Effective, Concentrated, and Environmentally Friendly

The Grill Cleaner Gel by HWR-CHEMIE is the uncompromising power gel with a unique special formula specifically designed to tackle tough, crusty dirt. As a concentrate, it offers unbeatable cleaning performance, especially for heavily burnt-on grill and cooking residues such as fats and oils. The gel dissolves even stubborn protein and starch deposits, as well as their combustion residues.

One outstanding feature of this grill cleaner gel is its ability to work autonomously on both cold and warm surfaces without generating dangerous fumes. It requires no additional aids to achieve its full effectiveness. Simply apply, let it work, and then rinse thoroughly – your grill equipment, oven, baking sheet, convection steamer, deep fryer, pot, pan, cooking plate, oven window, and more will shine like new.

HWR-CHEMIE stands for quality and environmental compatibility. The grill cleaner gel was developed as an environmentally friendly product based on renewable raw materials. This way, you can not only thoroughly clean your grill equipment and kitchen utensils but also act responsibly towards the environment.

Whether in professional kitchens, restaurants, snack bars, or grill rooms – HWR-CHEMIE’s grill cleaner gel is the ideal companion for commercial use. It reliably removes stubborn dirt from your equipment and surfaces, making the cleaning process significantly easier for you. Rely on the proven quality of HWR-CHEMIE and opt for the grill cleaner gel that guarantees you the best results.

With its highly effective formula that can handle even heavy deposits, you save time and effort in cleaning. Thanks to the concentrated gel, a small amount is sufficient to achieve optimal results. This means an efficient and economical cleaning solution for you.

Do not hesitate any longer and grab the Grill Cleaner Gel from HWR-CHEMIE to clean your grill equipment and kitchen utensils in no time. Experience the unbeatable cleaning performance of this concentrated power gel and see for yourself its effectiveness. HWR-CHEMIE offers you the solution to your cleaning challenges in the commercial sector. Order today and look forward to sparkling cleanliness and brilliant results!


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