Research and development at HWR-Chemie

For environmentally friendly cleaning, disinfection and maintenance

The sustainable success of our company is essentially based on the targeted development of environmentally friendly products for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance.

Since the foundation of HWR-Chemie GmbH in 1988, we have invested more than average in our intensive, environmentally-oriented research and development work.

The development laboratory of HWR-Chemie ensures the continuous further development of our product range in accordance with the current state of science and technology. Clearly defined procedural rules form a reliable framework for product development as well as for the validation and verification of research results through quality tests. In product development, we carefully consider the needs and wishes of our commercial customers.

We not only select the raw materials that are suitable for the manufacture of our products based on their effectiveness, but also subject them to a thorough examination of their ecological and physiological properties. It is essential that the raw materials used are well tolerated by humans, animals and plants. The raw material characteristics that are mandatory for us also include good biodegradability and the possibility of being able to remove product residues as part of wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants. Furthermore, renewable raw materials are used to the greatest possible extent for the manufacture of the products.

After completing each product development, the product is registered with the responsible authority. When purchasing products from HWR-Chemie GmbH, our customers receive detailed product descriptions, operating instructions and EC safety data sheets.