HWR Chemie GmbH – family-run speciality chemicals company with success in domestic and foreign markets

HWR-Chemie GmbH was founded in January 1988 with its headquarters in Munich. Since then, the company’s business purpose has been to supply the commercial economy with environmentally friendly, high-quality speciality chemicals.

There was no intention to manufacture mass products at the time of the foundation. Rather, the company was geared towards in-house development, production and sales of high-quality products for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance.

The founder of the company, Dieter Weghofer, always wanted to make the HWR products as user-friendly as possible. According to his idea, this included above all that hazards arising from products should be completely ruled out or that potential risks should at least be limited to an acceptable minimum. In addition, during the development of the product and range, strict attention was paid to a cleaning effect that preserves value.

Due to the rapid growth of the company, the business premises rented in Munich soon proved to be too small. HWR-Chemie found a suitable property in the municipality of Emmering, 20 kilometres west of Munich, and it was possible to move into a new company building in December 1994. A warehouse was added in 1999, which expanded the storage capacity by 1,340 square meters.

In Emmering, the team of specialists at HWR-Chemie, which deals with cleaning, disinfection and hygiene, has generously and modern designed offices, laboratories for product development and testing, as well as production and storage halls.

The Sales division was restructured in 2002 with the aim of further improving customer service: Since then, HWR-Chemie has no longer relied on independent sales representatives, but on employed sales representatives in the field.

The demand for high-quality HWR products is growing not only in Germany, but also on foreign markets. Foreign sales partners represent HWR-Chemie in various European countries.

In 2018, company founder Dieter Weghofer made the move into a well-earned retirement. He handed over the management of HWR-Chemie GmbH to his wife Christina Weghofer and to his son Florian Weghofer.