HWR-Chemie – efficient and safe production by qualified employees

HWR-Chemie relies on qualified and responsible employees in our manufacturing department, as well as on efficient production systems and efficient production processes.

Our production is completed in batches, based on written production orders that contain detailed work instructions. These instructions particularly include regulations on the manufacturing process, the required raw material mixing ratios and the respective occupational safety regulations.

In accordance with customer needs and depending on the nature of the product, our filling systems enable the provision of products in bottles, canisters, barrels and even containers.

Before starting production, we define strict quality criteria for each product, compliance with which is verified by our test laboratory. A batch is only released if all requirements are met.

Completed containers are labelled with a product description. A 10-digit batch number, which is also affixed to the container, serves as a clearly visible approval code for the test laboratory.

A batch report is created for each product batch, which shows the raw materials used, the production conditions and the analysis data determined by the test laboratory. We also keep a reserve sample of each product batch for at least two years.

Through regular training, we continuously strengthen the product and process-related expertise of our employees. We attach particular importance to regularly raising the awareness of our staff regarding compliance with all safety regulations, including the rules on occupational safety.