Environment & Quality

HWR-CHEMIE combines product quality and environmental protection

HWR-Chemie’s business strategy is aimed at high product quality, consistent environmental protection and customer satisfaction. We have both DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management) certification.

In order to ensure compliance with the quality and environmental standards defined by us, all employees and our quality assurance team continuously monitor all functional areas and work processes within the company.

The guiding principle of environmental protection is one of the central elements of our corporate strategy.
• Already during product development, we pay particular attention to the environmentally friendly design of our products. We avoid raw materials that could harm the environment when developing products.
• The high concentration of active ingredients in our products leads to a reduction in the amount of raw materials and packaging required and thus contributes to the economical use of natural resources.
• The active ingredients of HWR-Chemie’s products are biodegradable to the greatest possible extent and non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation. Any residues of our products can be removed from the wastewater in sewage treatment plants.
• When manufacturing our products, we pay strict attention to minimizing the amount of waste in order to keep resource consumption as low as possible. We also use materials sparingly when it comes to warehousing, packaging and delivery.
• We inform the responsible authorities in detail about the recipes for our products so that they can be checked for compliance with all legal regulations at any time.

With our range, which is geared towards product quality and environmental sustainability, we enable our commercial customers to make a significant contribution to environmental protection as part of their everyday cleaning, disinfection and maintenance work.