Workshop Soap – MONIL-HWP d

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Workshop soap neutral, free of solvents

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Workshop Soap – MONIL-HWP d –  for Industrial and Technical Use

MONIL-HWP d is a liquid soap designed for industry and technology, offering powerful cleaning capabilities with specialized ingredients. Free from solvents and extremely skin-friendly, it is suitable for all refillable liquid dispensers.

Key Features of MONIL®-HWP d:

  • Rapidly dissolves workshop dirt such as grease or oils
  • Does not clog drains and is silicone-free
  • Particularly skin-friendly due to special skin protection ingredients.

Specifically Developed for Automotive Workshops, Industry, and Craftsmanship:

  • Developed for automotive workshops, industry, and craftsmanship
  • Ideal where traditional hand soaps fall short
  • Dermatologically tested.

Applications and Recommended Usage:

Our convenient soap dispensers allow for easy and precise dosing. Dispense approximately 1-2 ml of MONIL®-HWP d into your hands and rub thoroughly in dry hands without adding water. Finally, rinse off the dissolved dirt with water.

For optimal care of professionally stressed hands as part of a skin protection plan, we recommend:

  • For preventive protection: HAND-SAFE (Art. 4450)
  • For daily regeneration: HAND-CARE 24 (Art. 2776)

Detailed Description:

Effortlessly Dissolves Every Workshop Stain

HWR-CHEMIE’s workshop soap is the perfect solution for commercial use in automotive workshops, industry, and craftsmanship. This soap rapidly dissolves every workshop stain, including grease and oils, while remaining particularly skin-friendly thanks to special skin protection ingredients.

Specifically developed for workshops and industry, HWR-CHEMIE’s workshop soap excels where traditional hand soaps fall short. Its unique formula ensures it does not clog drains and is silicone-free. Furthermore, the soap has undergone dermatological testing, making it highly recommended for daily use.

HWR-CHEMIE’s workshop soap not only cleans effectively but also protects the skin. Special skin protection ingredients shield the skin from damage caused by aggressive cleaning agents or external factors, keeping the skin healthy and supple even with frequent use.

This soap is the perfect choice for anyone reliant on effective and skin-friendly cleaning in their daily work. Whether in an automotive workshop, industry, or craftsmanship, this soap is applicable wherever quick and thorough cleaning is essential.

Bid farewell to stubborn dirt with HWR-CHEMIE’s workshop soap. Trust in the proven quality of HWR-CHEMIE and order the workshop soap for your business today.



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