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Dispenser bucket for Vliesrolle zum Tränken (Art. 8P8000)


HWR Spendereimer is a white 3.4 litre dispenser bucket with blue feeder sleeve for the filling with fleece roll (Art. 8P8000).

1. Fill bucket with fleece roll,
2. pour 1-2 litres application solution over the fleece roll, we recommend 1.5 litres,
3. pull the beginning of the fleece roll through the opening in the top and close the top,
4. stick imprinted label on the top.

Suitable disinfectants and application concentrations:
Please take note of the exposure time on the product label.

BOWI-SEPT 1:25 – 1:100
DIS 500 1:100 – 1:200
HÄNDE-DES fluid pur
SUN-DES / SUN-DES Pfirsich 1:12 – 1:100
WC-DES pur

Suitable cleaning agents and application concentrations:

E 75 SPEZIAL 1:10 – 1:20
F 100 SUPER 1:10 – 1:100
MONIL-BIKE 3000 pur
MONIL-ER 1:5 – 1:50
MONIL-MA 1:10 – 1:100
MONIL-MR 2000 1:10 – 1:50
MONIL-PR 2000 1:10 – 1:50
MONIL-WBR 1:20 – 1:50
SAN-PLUS 1:10 – 1:100
SAN-PLUS care 1:3 – 1:10
SAN-PLUS fresh 1:10 – 1:100

The lifetime of the above -mentioned cleaning solutions amount to at least 30 days.

Product information

The shelf life of the cleaners listed above is at least 30 days. Clean and, if necessary, disinfect the bucket before refilling.

When used in the food industry, rinse with clear water afterwards. Please observe the description, application, and hazard information on the original label. Filling in cleaners not listed here is possible but at your own risk. However, diluted neutral cleaners should not be filled in.

The practical dispenser bucket for nonwoven rolls is an indispensable tool for surface disinfection and cleaning. With a generous volume of 3.4 liters, it provides ample space for nonwoven rolls for soaking. The bucket is equipped with a blue dispensing insert specially designed for our nonwoven rolls to ensure easy and efficient application.

The dispenser bucket is ideal for use with disinfectants and cleaning agents. Whether in households, gastronomy, offices, or other areas where hygienic cleaning is required, this bucket is the perfect solution. It allows you to effortlessly immerse the nonwoven rolls in the bucket and let excess liquid drip off, ensuring an even distribution on the surfaces to be cleaned.

The dispenser bucket for nonwoven rolls is characterized by its sturdy construction and durability. It is easy to handle and easy to clean. Thanks to its compatibility with our nonwoven rolls, it is a practical addition to any cleaning or disinfection process. Get our dispenser bucket for nonwoven rolls now and make surface disinfection and cleaning easier – efficient, hygienic, and practical!

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For deliveries abroad, please send an email to info@hwr-chemie.de

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