Smoke Resin Remover – RH 300 BOOSTER

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Extra-strength resin remover, Super concentrate 1:100

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Smoke Resin Remover RH 300 BOOSTER, the uncompromising smoke resin remover for the toughest cases, effortlessly eliminates baked-on fats, smoke resin, and oil stains, as well as stubborn protein, blood, and starch residues. Forms a long-lasting and powerful foam.

RH 300 BOOSTER is suitable for the professional cleaning of smoke chambers and smoke resin systems, tiles and ceramics, smoke carts and equipment, steel baking sheets, and bakery proofing carts.

Super Concentrate: 1 liter yields up to 100 liters of cleaning solution.

Areas of Application and Recommended Dilution:

1:10 to 1:20 Smoke chambers and smoke resin systems

Thoroughly foam the soiled surfaces with a hot cleaning solution. Then steam the chamber for about 15 minutes at approximately 90 °C and rinse thoroughly with clear water.

1:20 to 1:50 Smoke equipment, proofing carts, steel baking sheets

Spray or foam the cleaning solution and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Smaller objects can be cleaned in a dip bath.

1:50 to 1:100 Slightly soiled steel baking sheets, proofing carts

For minor soiling and daily cleaning, apply as described above.

Not suitable for aluminum, non-ferrous metals, or painted surfaces! Hot water enhances cleaning effectiveness and cost efficiency. Wear appropriate protective clothing during cleaning!

Detailed Description:

Discover the ultimate Smoke Resin Remover RH 300 BOOSTER – a cleaning specialist specifically designed for the challenges of smoke resin removal. RH 300 BOOSTER is more than just a cleaner; it is your answer to baked-on fats, smoke resin, and stubborn oil stains.

This super concentrate sets new standards in cleaning technology. With just 1 liter of RH 300 BOOSTER, you can produce an impressive 100 liters of cleaning solution, making it not only efficient but also extremely cost-effective.

RH 300 BOOSTER is the uncompromising cleaner for the toughest cases. It not only effortlessly dissolves stubborn protein, blood, and starch residues but also provides long-lasting and powerful foam formation. This makes it the ideal choice for professionally cleaning smoke chambers, smoke resin systems, tiles, ceramics, smoke carts, and equipment.

If you’re looking for a cleaner that is also suitable for steel baking sheets and bakery proofing carts, RH 300 BOOSTER is the solution. Its outstanding performance and versatility make it an indispensable companion for smoke resin removal in various applications.

Choose the Smoke Resin Remover RH 300 BOOSTER to effortlessly tackle even the most demanding cleaning tasks. Experience cleaning quality on a new level!


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