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Glass cleaner with bio-alcohol, ready-to-use


glass cleaner – HWR-GLASKLAR is a ready-to-use glass cleaner with bio-alcohol designed for all smooth surfaces. It quickly and completely removes dirt, inhibits new soiling with its antistatic effect, and leaves streak-free, dry surfaces after cleaning.


  • Is the clean solution for all glass surfaces
  • Quickly and completely removes dirt, leaving streak-free, dry surfaces
  • Helps prevent new soiling with antistatic ingredients
  • Cleans all glass surfaces such as windows, glass tables, or car windows
  • Also suitable for mirrors, tiles, ceramics, marble, and metal surfaces
  • Does not contain foul-smelling components like ammonia
Areas of Application and Recommended Application Concentration:


Spray HWR-GLASKLAR on the surfaces to be cleaned, let it sit briefly, and wash it off with a sponge or cloth. Then dry and polish the surfaces with a lint-free cloth or window leather or use a rubber squeegee.

Detailed Description:

Glass cleaner with bio-alcohol: The clean solution for all glass surfaces in commercial use

When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, there is no better choice than a glass cleaner with bio-alcohol. This cleaner is specially developed for commercial use and quickly and completely dissolves dirt. In addition, the cleaned surfaces dry streak-free and stay clean for a longer period.

Antistatic ingredients help to inhibit new soiling, so you spend less time cleaning your glass surfaces. The glass cleaner with bio-alcohol is ideal for all glass surfaces such as windows, glass tables, or car windows. However, it is also suitable for mirrors, tiles, ceramics, marble, and metal surfaces.

What makes this glass cleaner so special is the fact that it does not contain foul-smelling components like ammonia. Ammonia is a strong-smelling solvent used in many conventional glass cleaners. The use of bio-alcohol instead of ammonia makes this glass cleaner an environmentally friendly and effective choice.

Another great feature of this glass cleaner is its ability to quickly and easily dissolve stains and dirt. Whether it’s stubborn dirt or fingerprints, this cleaner will remove everything and make your glass surfaces shine again.

The glass cleaner with bio-alcohol is also very easy to use. Simply spray it on, let it sit, and wipe it off with a clean cloth. It’s as simple as that! You won’t notice any traces of cleaning agents or residues on your glass surfaces. Everything will be streak-free and clean.

So, if you’re looking for an effective and environmentally friendly glass cleaner for commercial use, the glass cleaner with bio-alcohol is the best choice. It offers quick and effective cleaning of glass surfaces while being gentle on the environment and your health. Try it out today and experience the difference!



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