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Silver Paste – SILVER-LUB 1000: High-Performance Lubricant for the Toughest Demands

SILVER-LUB 1000 stands out as the high-performance lubricant designed for the most demanding applications. Unrivaled in adhesion and lubricating effectiveness, it exhibits high temperature and pressure resistance while remaining neutral towards metals, paints, rubber, and plastics.

Key Features of SILVER-LUB 1000:

  • Unrivaled in adhesion and lubricating effectiveness
  • High temperature and pressure resistance
  • Neutral towards metals, paints, rubber, and plastics

Versatile Workshop Assistant:

  • Prevents seizing of nuts and bolts
  • Ideal for permanent lubrication of bolts and threads
  • Suitable for use under extreme pressure and temperature conditions

SILVER-LUB 1000 is suitable for lubricating screws, bolts, and threads subjected to high stress in terms of temperature, pressure, and corrosion.

It remains temperature-stable from –30 °C to +350 °C and is short-term resistant up to 1000 °C. The ultra-fine silver particles enable effective lubrication with high adhesion, ensuring screws remain easy to open even after prolonged stress. Corroded screws, often impossible to open with other methods, can be tackled with the High-Performance Rust Remover HLR-SUPER (Art. 5030).

Detailed Description:

HWR-CHEMIE presents its commercial-grade silver paste, a high-performance lubricant tailored for the toughest demands.

The SILVER-LUB 1000 silver paste is the ideal high-performance lubricant for commercial use. With its unbeatable adhesion and lubricating effectiveness, it ensures reliable lubrication, preventing nuts and screws from seizing. Its high temperature and pressure resistance make it particularly suitable for use under extreme conditions.

Neutral to metals, paints, rubber, and plastics, the silver paste proves to be a versatile assistant in the workshop. Perfect for the permanent lubrication of bolts and threads, it remains short-term resistant up to 1000 °C. The silver paste remains temperature-stable even in the range of –30 °C to +350 °C.

Thanks to its unique formulation, the silver paste ensures high resilience and reduces wear on lubricated components. Even under extreme pressure, the lubricating effect persists, significantly extending the lifespan of components.

HWR-CHEMIE’s silver paste is easy to apply and allows for precise application. Beyond its use as a lubricant, it can also serve as corrosion protection, offering comprehensive protection for your components.

Overall, SILVER-LUB 1000 by HWR-CHEMIE is a high-quality lubricant specifically developed for commercial use. With its unbeatable lubricating and adhesion effectiveness, high temperature and pressure resistance, and versatility in application, it stands as the ideal assistant in the workshop. Experience the quality of HWR-CHEMIE’s silver paste firsthand – place your order today!




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Safety data sheet

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