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Electronics, Engineering, Chewing gum remover

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COLD SPRAY -50°C – The Ultimate Commercial Tool for Precision Work

HWR-CHEMIE’s COLD SPRAY -50°C is an application-ready solution crafted for diagnostic tasks in electronics, the assembly of components within sensitive tolerance ranges, and the removal of chewing gum from upholstery and carpets. Boasting high cooling performance, HWR-COLD SPRAY swiftly reaches temperatures of approximately -50°C in seconds, offering a precise and effective work solution.

Key Features of HWR-COLD SPRAY:

  • Rapid cooling to about –50 °C in seconds
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Neutral behavior towards glass, plastic, rubber, and metal
  • Electronics: Perfect for identifying malfunctioning components, transistors, or poor solder joints.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Ideal for assembling components with tight tolerances.
  • Carpets/Upholstery: Convenient for removing chewing gum – simply spray, and the frozen mass can be lifted off.
Detailed Description:

HWR-CHEMIE’s COLD SPRAY is the go-to tool for commercial applications! This ready-to-use cold spray is specially formulated for electronics diagnostics, precision assembly, and efficient removal of chewing gum. With its remarkable cooling capacity, the spray quickly reaches temperatures of about -50°C, ensuring swift and precise work. Furthermore, its electrically non-conductive nature and neutral behavior towards various materials make it ideal for use on sensitive electronic components and surfaces.

In electronics, HWR-COLD SPRAY is perfect for identifying malfunctioning components, transistors, or poor solder joints. In mechanical engineering, it’s an excellent choice for assembling components with tight tolerances. For the removal of chewing gum from carpets and upholstery, a quick spray allows for easy lifting of the frozen mass.

HWR-CHEMIE’s COLD SPRAY is a reliable tool for every professional application. Order now and experience the unparalleled performance and quality of HWR-CHEMIE.



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