Sanitary Additive – CHEMTOI-CHERRY

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Environmental-friendly sanitary additive for mobile toilets, Super concentrate 1:132


Sanitary Additive – CHEMTOI-CHERRY is a bioactive, environmentally friendly sanitary fluid for portable toilets. It effectively reduces the formation of unpleasant odors and gases while accelerating biological decomposition processes.

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CHEMTOI-CHERRY ensures fresh air in the private corner.

  • Bioactive sanitary additive for portable toilets.
  • Effectively reduces the formation of unpleasant odors and gases.
  • Accelerates biological decomposition processes.

The sanitary additive keeps the toilet fresh and clean.

Possesses the highest environmental and sewage treatment compatibility.

Ensures clean air in the private corner.

Areas of Application and Recommended Application Concentration of the Sanitary Additive

CHEMTOI-CHERRY is the sanitary additive suitable for all chemical toilets (toilet cabins, portable toilets) in buses, caravans, airplanes, boats, and at campsites.

1:30 – Add 75 ml per 10 liters of septic tank content with 2-3 liters of water. Do not put in the freshwater tank or mix with other sanitary additives. The recommended dosage lasts on average for 4 days at a maximum of 28 °C. Avoid over-dosage as it does not enhance effectiveness!

In higher temperatures, consider shortening the emptying interval.

Empty the tank content only through designated disposal facilities for feces.

Do not dispose of in water bodies or soil. Keep locked and out of reach of children.

Store the product between –20 °C and a maximum of 40 °C.

With prescribed storage, this sanitary additive is durable for at least two years.

Detailed Description:

Sanitary Additive – CHEMTOI-CHERRY: Bioactive Freshness for Portable Toilets

With CHEMTOI-CHERRY, we present a bioactive sanitary additive specifically designed for portable toilets. This environmentally friendly product is not only highly effective in reducing unpleasant odors and gases but also accelerates biological decomposition processes. Certified with the Blue Angel, CHEMTOI-CHERRY represents environmental awareness and quality.

Freshness and Environmental Friendliness in One Product

Our bioactive sanitary fluid for portable toilets guarantees not only a pleasant and odor-free environment but also sets standards in terms of environmental compatibility. With the highest environmental and sewage treatment compatibility, CHEMTOI-CHERRY ensures that you protect nature while using your mobile sanitation system.

Effective Odor Reduction and Accelerated Decomposition

CHEMTOI-CHERRY efficiently combats unpleasant odors and gases that can arise in portable toilets. The unique formula not only reduces odors but also accelerates biological decomposition processes, contributing to effective and sustainable cleaning.

Environmental Certification with the Blue Angel

Our product proudly bears the environmental label “The Blue Angel.” This award confirms the environmentally friendly properties of CHEMTOI-CHERRY. You can rely on our sanitary additive not only to provide freshness but also to contribute to environmental protection.

Practical Application Guidelines

For optimal results, we recommend using the product more regularly at higher temperatures and adjusting the emptying interval accordingly. Remember to empty the tank content only through designated disposal facilities for feces to protect the environment. Store CHEMTOI-CHERRY between –20 °C and a maximum of 40 °C, keeping it out of reach of children.

Durability and Storage

Our sanitary additive is durable for at least two years with prescribed storage.

Choose CHEMTOI-CHERRY for freshness, effectiveness, and environmental awareness in one product. Enjoy a clean and odor-free environment no matter where your journey takes you.


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