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Limescale Remover , Viscous urinal cleaner, Concentrate 1:3

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Limescale Remover URIN-EX has been specially developed as a basic cleaner, urinal cleaner, and toilet cleaner for sanitary facilities, including urinals, toilet facilities, and portable toilet systems in gastronomy, hotels, nursing homes, wellness centers, bathhouses, fitness studios, and hospitals.

Concentrate: 1 liter yields up to 4 liters of cleaning solution


  • Powerful cleaning gel for sanitary facilities.
  • Removes stubborn deposits like limescale and uric acid.
  • Adheres well to vertical surfaces, making it particularly effective.


  • Developed for the cleaning of urinals and toilet facilities.
  • Suitable for use in portable toilet systems.
  • Ideal for applications in baths, wellness centers, hotels, and nursing homes.
Areas of Application and Recommended Application Concentration
  • Pure to 1:3 Regular Cleaning of Toilets and Urinals:
    • Spray toilets and urinals, including under the edges. Due to its thick consistency, URIN-EX adheres for an extended period to deposits such as limescale, uric acid, or rust, gradually dissolving them. After 5-10 minutes of exposure time, rinse with clear water (flush). For heavy soiling, scrub with a brush if necessary or reapply.
    • Not suitable for marble and aluminum!
    • For daily maintenance cleaning, we recommend our SAN-PLUS® bathroom cleaners (Art.-No. 2680), SAN-PLUS® fresh (Art.-No. 2690), or SAN-PLUS® extra (Art.-No. 2700).
Detailed Description:

Discover the powerful Urine Stone and Limescale Remover URIN-EX from HWR-CHEMIE – the ideal solution for commercial consumers in the sanitation sector. This highly effective cleaning gel has been specially developed as a Urine Stone and Limescale Remover to effortlessly eliminate stubborn deposits such as limescale and urine scale. An indispensable product for basic cleaning, urinal care, and toilet cleaning in various commercial environments.

HWR-CHEMIE URIN-EX at a glance:

Powerful Cleaning Gel: URIN-EX, your professional Urine Stone and Limescale Remover, impresses with its strong cleaning power that effortlessly removes even stubborn deposits. Versatile Application: Developed as a specialized Urine Stone and Limescale Remover for cleaning urinals, toilet facilities, and mobile toilet systems. Perfectly suitable for use in gastronomy, hospitality, nursing homes, wellness centers, bathing establishments, fitness studios, and hospitals. Concentrated Formula: The concentrate enables efficient use. Just 1 liter of URIN-EX, your highly effective Urine Stone and Limescale Remover, yields an impressive 4 liters of cleaning solution. Perfect Adhesion: The thick consistency of URIN-EX ensures excellent adhesion to vertical surfaces, leading to particularly effective removal of limescale and urine scale. Gentle and Reliable: URIN-EX, your trusted Urine Stone and Limescale Remover, is designed to clean effectively without damaging surfaces. Suitable for use in bathing and wellness facilities, hospitality, and nursing homes.

Ensure a hygienic and well-maintained sanitary environment with URIN-EX from HWR-CHEMIE. Order today and benefit from a cleaning gel that meets the highest standards of commercial consumers as a Urine Stone and Limescale Remover. Your reliable partner for professional cleaning solutions in the sanitation sector.


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