Hand Protection Cream – HAND-SAFE

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Hand protection foam or lotion, dermatologically tested

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Hand Protection Cream – HAND-SAFE – Professional  for Every Industry

In the commercial sector, safeguarding the skin is paramount, especially when dealing with wet work or exposure to chemicals. HWR-CHEMIE introduces HAND-SAFE, a protective hand cream designed to combat these challenges effectively.

Key Features of HAND-SAFE:

  • Applied before work to shield the skin from stress
  • Prevents occupational skin damage during wet work
  • Quick absorption, leaving the skin smooth and supple

HAND-SAFE – The Professional Skin Protection for Every Industry:

  • Ideal for various sectors, from food processing to craftsmanship
  • Used to prevent occupation-related skin issues

Application and Recommended Usage:

Apply HAND-SAFE, approximately the size of a hazelnut, to your hands before commencing work. Massage it in and let it take effect for about two minutes. Don’t forget thumbs, nail beds, and nails! Repeat the process once to several times daily, depending on your needs and skin exposure. One canister covers around 160 applications. Note that using skin protection products does not exempt you from mandatory protective measures.

For hand cleaning, disinfection, and skincare, we recommend:

  • HWS rose (Item 2780) – Liquid cream soap, extra mild
  • HWS vanille (Item 2785) – Liquid cream soap, extra mild
  • HÄNDE-DES fluid (Item 2773) – Hand disinfection, listed by VAH
  • HAND-CARE 24 (Item 2776) – Skincare lotion with Vitamin E and Allantoin

Detailed Description:

HWR-CHEMIE’s Hand Protection Cream is a professional-grade solution for skin protection across various industries. Crafted to address the challenges posed by wet work and exposure to chemicals, this cream offers optimal protection.

Before work, apply HWR-CHEMIE’s Hand Protection Cream, which rapidly absorbs, leaving the skin smooth and supple for a comfortable wearing experience. Suitable for all skin types, this cream finds applications in diverse sectors, ranging from food processing to craftsmanship.

Crucial for wet work scenarios, the Hand Protection Cream shields the skin from water, preventing the onset of skin damage. It provides protection against water-soluble irritants like acids or alkalis and also guards against oil-soluble irritants such as oils, tar, and paints.

Beyond preventing occupational skin issues, the application of HWR-CHEMIE’s Hand Protection Cream also facilitates post-work hand cleaning. By reducing impurities on the skin, it streamlines the cleaning process, ensuring a faster and more effective outcome.

HWR-CHEMIE’s Hand Protection Cream is an essential companion for anyone working in the commercial sector. Offering optimal protection against skin stress, it prevents occupational skin damage and eases hand cleaning after work. Invest in your skin’s health and choose HWR-CHEMIE’s Hand Protection Cream.



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