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Rope and chain oil

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Chain Oil – SK 100: Superior Lubrication for Demanding Conditions

SK 100 is a specialized lubricant designed to meet the highest standards. With its extreme creepability, it penetrates even the finest gaps, effectively displaces moisture, and infiltrates dirt films, providing protection against wear and corrosion.

Key Features of SK 100:

  • Penetrates even the finest gaps with extreme creepability
  • Effectively displaces moisture and infiltrates dirt films
  • Provides protection against wear and corrosion

Versatile Applications of SK 100:

  • Lubricates and maintains wire ropes and chains
  • Leaves a corrosion protection film
  • Does not create a greasy residue that attracts dust and dirt
Areas of Use and Application:

Shake the SK 100 aerosol well before use and evenly spray it onto cleaned parts. For bulk SK 100, apply it with a cloth or a suitable spray bottle as described above.

Temperature Range: -20 °C to +150 °C (short-term up to +180 °C)

Detailed Description:

Chain oil from HWR-CHEMIE, specially formulated for commercial use. This ready-to-use oil, with its extreme creepability, penetrates the smallest gaps and effectively infiltrates dirt films. It displaces moisture and protects against wear and corrosion.

Our chain oil is designed for the lubrication and maintenance of wire ropes and chains. It leaves a corrosion protection film, ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Suitable for a temperature range of -20 °C to +150 °C, it can even be used momentarily up to +180 °C.

What sets our chain oil apart from other products on the market is its lack of a greasy residue that attracts dust and dirt. This makes it ideal for applications where clean working conditions are essential.

Easy to use, our chain oil requires no special equipment. Simply apply the oil to the areas needing lubrication, and it will get to work. Its outstanding lubricating properties make it suitable for use in hard-to-reach areas.

HWR-CHEMIE’s chain oil is also highly economical. Due to its high creepability, you only need a small amount to cover a large area. Additionally, it is long-lasting, providing excellent lubrication even during extended use.

In summary, our chain oil from HWR-CHEMIE is an outstanding product suitable for commercial use. Ready-to-use, it penetrates the smallest gaps, displaces moisture, infiltrates dirt films, protects against wear and corrosion, lubricates and maintains wire ropes and chains, leaves a corrosion protection film, and does not create a greasy residue that attracts dust and dirt. It is also suitable for a wide temperature range from -20 °C to +150 °C and is easy to apply. Try it today and experience the benefits of HWR-CHEMIE Chain Oil firsthand.



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Safety data sheet


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