Baking Sheet Cleaner – isi-2-clean® BBR

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Cleaning concentrate for baking trays, Concentrate 1:10

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Baking Sheet Cleaner – isi-2-clean® BBR is an automatic baking sheet cleaner designed for the removal of stubbornly burned-in baking residues. It penetrates the grime and impressively dissolves it. Highly concentrated, making it particularly economical.

Concentrate: 1 liter yields 11 liters of cleaning solution.

Areas of Application and Recommended Dilution:

1:10 part cleaning of baking sheets, molds, boxes, smoking sticks, etc., in the immersion bath.

Fill the immersion bath with the 1:10 diluted cleaning solution and leave heavily soiled parts overnight at 65 – 75 °C. For lighter soiling, the exposure time can be shortened, or the temperature reduced.

After treatment, remove product residues and softened adherences. For this, a sharp water jet (e.g., using an HD device) works best.

Detailed Description:

If you are in search of a baking sheet cleaner specifically tailored for commercial use, we recommend our automatic immersion bath cleaner. This cleaner is specially formulated for cleaning aluminum baking sheets and is capable of removing stubbornly burned-in baking residues.

Our baking sheet cleaner penetrates the grime and impressively dissolves it. It delivers optimal cleaning results in heated immersion baths and is highly concentrated, ensuring cost-effectiveness. With one bottle of our cleaner, you can clean a variety of baking sheets, molds, boxes, smoking sticks, and more.

Our baking sheet cleaner provides excellent protection for all aluminum and steel parts. It is recommended for cleaning in the food sector and complies with all necessary standards. Customers particularly appreciate the high quality and effectiveness of our product.

The application of our baking sheet cleaner is straightforward. Simply add a specific amount of our cleaner to a heated immersion bath and place the items to be cleaned inside. After an exposure time, you can easily remove and rinse the items. The grime is effortlessly dissolved, leaving your baking sheets and molds shining like new.

Our baking sheet cleaner is perfect for use in bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and other catering establishments. However, it is also a reliable choice in other sectors such as the food industry or large-scale kitchens.

In summary, our baking sheet cleaner is a highly effective and economical cleaning solution specifically developed for commercial use. It is easy to apply, penetrates the grime, and impressively dissolves it. Additionally, it provides excellent protection for all aluminum parts. We recommend our baking sheet cleaner to anyone in search of a reliable and effective cleaning solution.



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