Windshield Cleaner – MONIL®-SUNNY

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Windscreen cleaner super concentrate 1:200
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Windshield Cleaner – MONIL®-SUNNY – High-Performance  for Optimal Visibility

MONIL®-SUNNY is an automotive windshield cleaner designed for windshield washer systems. It swiftly ensures a clear and safe view without streaks, effectively removing road grime and insects.

Key Features of MONIL®-SUNNY:

  • Phosphate-free concentrate for windshield washer systems
  • Quickly provides a clear and streak-free view
  • Highly effective in removing road grime and insects

Additional Highlights:

  • Super-concentrated, making it extremely economical in usage
  • Suitable for all vehicle types
  • Gentle on paints, wipers, and rubber seals

Applications and Recommended Dilution:

1:200 MONIL®-SUNNY is suitable for all windshield washer systems in cars, trucks, buses, and trams. Add the concentrate to the vehicle’s windshield washer reservoir and fill with water. 20 ml of MONIL®-SUNNY is sufficient for 4 liters of windshield washer fluid.

During winter use, the concentrate can be mixed with water-diluted antifreeze such as MONIL®-FROSTY. The antifreeze content should not exceed 50%. Do not mix with other cleaners.

Detailed Description:

Developed as a highly concentrated, phosphate-free solution, this automotive cleaner is tailored for commercial use. It ensures a swift and streak-free clear view, effectively removing stubborn road grime and insects from windshields.

Our super-concentrated formula makes it exceptionally economical to use, suitable for all vehicle types without causing harm to paints, wipers, or rubber seals.

At HWR-CHEMIE, we prioritize the quality and effectiveness of our products. Our customers trust our products to keep their vehicles in pristine condition, and our windshield cleaner is no exception.

With this cleaner, you can confidently maintain a clear view of the road, free from worries about dirt or insects on your windshield. Moreover, you can trust that our cleaner is designed to be gentle on your vehicle, preserving paints, wipers, and rubber seals.

Our highly concentrated windshield cleaner is a cost-effective and efficient solution for keeping your vehicles clean. Trust in the expertise of HWR-CHEMIE and order your windshield cleaner today.


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