Tarp and Truck Cleaner – MONIL®-PR 2000

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Cover and Truck Cleaner IWL certified, Super concentrate 1:200
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Tarp and Truck Cleaner MONIL®-PR 2000 – Powerful  for Commercial Use

MONIL®-PR 2000 is a versatile tarp and truck cleaner designed to clean and maintain various surfaces, including plastic garden furniture, awnings, and items made of plastic, metal, concrete, and stone. Specifically tailored for high-pressure cleaning, it serves as a potent solution for the commercial sector.

Key Features of MONIL®-PR 2000:

  • Powerful tarp and truck cleaner
  • Suitable for both manual cleaning and high-pressure devices
  • Effective for engine and machinery cleaning

Additional Attributes of MONIL®-PR 2000:

  • Contains corrosion protection for safe use on metal surfaces
  • Effortlessly removes (pollen) dust, insects, soot, road, and engine grime
  • Preserves plastics and seals, thanks to special care additives
Applications and Recommended Dilutions:
  • 1:10 for tarps, engines, and machinery (manual cleaning)
    • Apply the diluted cleaning solution, let it sit briefly, and wash off with clear water. Brush tarp surfaces additionally.
  • 1:20 to 1:30 for workshop floor cleaning
  • 1:50 to 1:200 for tarps, engines, and machinery using high-pressure devices
    • Manual or high-pressure cleaning for truck cleaning, trains, airplanes, etc.
Detailed Description

HWR-CHEMIE presents its powerful tarp and truck cleaner designed for commercial use. This highly concentrated cleaner is a perfect choice for businesses in need of a reliable solution for their vehicle fleet. It effectively cleans and maintains plastic garden furniture, awnings, and surfaces made of various materials. Specifically formulated for high-pressure cleaning, it demonstrates versatility in application.

This powerful cleaner is a true all-rounder, suitable for both manual cleaning and high-pressure devices. It is also extensively used for cleaning engines and machinery. The inclusion of a special corrosion protection element ensures its safe application on metal surfaces.

MONIL®-PR 2000 effortlessly tackles (pollen) dust, insects, soot, road grime, and engine dirt while preserving plastics and seals, thanks to its unique care additives. This guarantees a gentle yet thorough cleaning process for your vehicle fleet.

Benefit from the manufacturer’s extensive experience—choose MONIL®-PR 2000 as your tarp and truck cleaner. It is the ideal solution for businesses seeking a highly effective cleaner for their vehicles and machinery. Experience the quality of this product firsthand and enjoy an efficient cleaning like never before.



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