Sanitary Cleaner – SAN-PLUS® care

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Natural sanitary cleaner, Super concentrate 1:10


Sanitary Cleaner – SAN-PLUS® care is an exceptionally gentle sanitary cleaner that effortlessly and gently cleans tiles, sinks, faucets, and toilets. Highly effective against limescale, dirt, and soap residues, it preserves faucets, ceramics, tiles, and grout.

Super concentrate: 1 litre gives up to 11 litres cleaning agent

SAN-PLUS® care

  • Effortlessly cleans tiles, sinks, faucets, and toilets
  • Effectively dissolves limescale, dirt, and soap residues
  • Preserves faucets, ceramics, tiles, and grout

SAN-PLUS® care

  • Impresses with powerful cleaning using natural ingredients
  • Dries residue-free without streaks due to an innovative draining effect
  • Subtly perfumed, leaving a fruity fragrance

Super Concentrate: 1 liter yields up to 11 liters of cleaning solution

Areas of Application and Recommended Dilution

1:3 to 1:10 Sanitary cleaning and toilet hygiene

Apply or foam SAN-PLUS® care diluted according to the degree of soiling and rinse with clear water after a short exposure time.

Do not use on marble surfaces! Test compatibility in an inconspicuous area for toilet lids!

Detailed Description

Sanitary cleaner for commercial use – powerful cleaning with natural ingredients

HWR-CHEMIE’s SAN-PLUS® care is the perfect solution for the fast and thorough cleaning of sanitary facilities in commercial settings. The cleaner is ready to use and impresses with its powerful cleaning capabilities based on natural ingredients.

Thanks to the innovative draining effect, the cleaner dries residue-free without streaks, saving time and effort. The subtly perfumed cleaner leaves a pleasantly fruity fragrance, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere in your sanitary facilities.

With HWR-CHEMIE’s SAN-PLUS® care, you effortlessly clean tiles, sinks, faucets, and toilets. The cleaner effectively dissolves limescale, dirt, and soap residues while preserving faucets, ceramics, tiles, and grout.

However, please note that the sanitary cleaner should not be applied to marble surfaces.

For thorough and effective cleaning of your commercial sanitary facilities, HWR-CHEMIE’s sanitary cleaner is the ideal choice. Trust in the powerful cleaning capabilities with natural ingredients and ensure a hygienic and pleasant environment in your sanitary facilities.


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