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Rust remover concentrate 1:3
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Rust Remover – KORPHOS – Powerful  for Commercial Use

KORPHOS is a potent rust remover designed for commercial applications. It effectively dissolves rust, lime, and mineral deposits while specially formulated ingredients tackle greases, oils, and waxes. KORPHOS reliably acts on corroded steel, stainless steel, and iron components, leaving surfaces completely degreased. This extreme rust dissolver is developed to eliminate severe rust.

Super Concentrate: 1 liter yields up to 4 liters of cleaning solution

Key Features of KORPHOS:

  • Powerful rust remover for commercial use
  • Removes rust, lime, and other mineral deposits
  • Eliminates greases, oils, and waxes through tailored ingredients
  • Acts reliably on corroded steel, stainless steel, and iron parts
  • Leaves surfaces thoroughly degreased
  • Suitable for preventing rust formation in various applications

If you are in search of a rust dissolver spray, we recommend our extreme rust dissolver, HLR-SUPER.

Applications and Recommended Dilution:

1:3 – Immersion Bath

Dilute the rust dissolver and immerse the metal parts to be cleaned. Depending on the degree of corrosion, let it sit for several minutes to hours. Afterward, treat residues with a steel brush and repeat the process if necessary. To prevent premature flash rusting, do not rinse with water. Otherwise, after rinsing with water and drying, treat the derusted parts immediately with GLANZ-S stainless steel care (Art. 2180).

Wiping or Spraying Process

Dilute KORPHOS and apply it to corroded areas, let it sit for a few minutes, and follow the steps described above.

Detailed Description

Powerful Rust Remover by HWR-CHEMIE for Commercial Use

HWR-CHEMIE’s concentrated rust remover is the ideal solution for commercial rust removal. With its specially formulated ingredients, it effectively dissolves rust, lime, and other mineral deposits from steel, stainless steel, and iron parts. Greases, oils, and waxes are also thoroughly removed, leaving a completely degreased surface.

This rust remover is used wherever rust formation needs to be prevented. Due to its high concentration, it is highly effective and economical. In the immersion process, it can be diluted at a ratio of 1:3, and in the wiping or spraying process, it can be applied undiluted.

Thanks to its specially formulated ingredients, this rust remover also reliably acts on corroded steel, stainless steel, and iron parts, leaving a clean and degreased surface. With HWR-CHEMIE’s rust remover, you can be confident that your machines and tools will always remain in perfect condition. The rust remover is ideal for removing severe rust from metal.

HWR-CHEMIE’s rust remover is a quality product specifically developed for commercial use. It is easy to handle and can be used in various processes to remove rust. The rust remover is a must-have for anyone relying on effective and fast cleaning.

In conclusion, HWR-CHEMIE’s rust remover is a powerful rust dissolver ideal for commercial use. It effectively dissolves rust, lime, and other mineral deposits while eliminating greases, oils, and waxes. With this rust remover, you leave surfaces completely degreased, effectively preventing rust formation.


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