Algaecide Water – AK-COMBI

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Additive for algae and lime prevention, Super concentrate 1:1000

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Algaecide Water – AK-COMBI is a liquid algaecide designed for ornamental and fountain waters as well as utility water circuits. It keeps installations free from algae and limescale, prevents contamination, and eliminates unpleasant odors. Enhances the lifespan of pumps, spray nozzles, and system components.

BAUA Reg. No. N-79006


  • Ideal for effective prevention of algae and limescale
  • Used in ornamental fountains, water features, and various water circuits
  • Applicable in pools and swimming pools


  • Extends the lifespan of pumps, spray nozzles, and system components
  • Compatible with other water additives such as chlorine or peroxide
  • Gentle on paints, tiles, plastics, and metals
Areas of Application and Recommended Dilution

Initial Dosage Up to 1:1000:

After thorough cleaning (we recommend MONIL®-WH, Item No. 4300), add 1 liter per cubic meter of fresh water to the water circuit.

Subsequent Dosage Up to 1:10,000:

Mix approximately 100 ml per cubic meter weekly (1 ml per 10 liters) into the water circuit.

For significant organic load and UV exposure, we recommend adding OXY-DES (Item No. 4746): 100–200 ml/m³ for moderate and 200–500 ml/m³ for heavy load. If fresh water is added due to evaporation, the corresponding amount of AK-COMBI must be added. This applies even when diluting the water circuit with rainwater.

Not suitable for objects with drinking water, fish, and plants.

Detailed Description

Algaecide for Ornamental and Fountain Waters: Effective Protection Against Algae and Limescale

HWR-CHEMIE’s algaecide concentrate is the ideal solution for the effective prevention of algae and limescale in water circuits. Perfect for commercial use, it is commonly applied in ornamental and fountain waters, among other water circuits. It is also suitable for use in pools and swimming pools, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Developed to extend the lifespan of pumps, spray nozzles, and system components, this algaecide allows you to protect your water circuits and reduce maintenance costs. Its usage minimizes the need for regular cleaning and descaling of your water installations.

The algaecide can be combined with other water additives like chlorine or peroxide to enhance its cleaning efficacy. Moreover, it is gentle on paints, tiles, plastics, and metals, making it particularly suitable for use in sensitive environments.

This algaecide water is registered with BAUA under Reg. No. N-79006, meeting all requirements for use in public facilities. Its high effectiveness and ease of use make it a popular choice among water treatment professionals.

In summary, HWR-CHEMIE’s Algaecide Water Concentrate is a powerful and versatile product designed to prevent algae and limescale in various water circuits. It preserves materials and extends the lifespan of pumps and system components, resulting in reduced maintenance costs. With its high effectiveness and user-friendly application, it is the ideal choice for commercial use.


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